About Me

*** Hugs from me to you*** and *** Have a good one***
Welcome to my Blog seller shoppe. I am the owner and designer of this site. All items are copyrighted and nothing can be copied without my consent. I wish to thank Amy of Amybugs graphics for all of her help in putting this site up and running. She is awesome and is always willing to help in any way she can. I have music playing but if you prefer not to listen to it while shopping you can mute it. It is a song about Isarel and I just fall in love with it. Now you are saying how can a nice Italian American gal put on Jewish music. I just love the sound of it and being a friend of the Jewish people, I thought in some way this would keep us closer. M y life is somewhat in a termoil at this time. In the past 3 years, I have had 2 back surgeries, Two knee replacements on the same knee, Colon scopeing and a blood disorder. My body at this time feels like it has been through a ringer. I have lost over 25 lbs. which I don't mind that at all but weak as a wet rag. I love to create and design items but for the longest time I was unable to do anything. I lost my web site all together so Amy said do the blog seller shop and I am so glad I have done this. It is quite easy to do and I love to write anyway so it is right up my alley.

I am a wife of 57 years to my highschool sweetheart, I have three wonderful Children and grandchildren they have given me has given me only pure joy. Each child of ours has college degrees and is quite sucessful in their lives. My grandchildren are in school, and college and one has gradurated all ready from college. I have step grandchildren as well. Also a step great grandchildren.
I love animals and I have two small yorkies. One is Bitsy and one is Bella . We did have three but she stays over my son's home because they got to love her so much. Her name is Pinchy. I also have 2 birds. one is a cockatil and one a bungie.

 Five years ago, we lost our daughter in law to cancer. She is still missed each and every day. She gave me our one grandson Nicky who is in college at this time. Maria was of the spanish desent and loved to cook and decorate her home with our son and grandson. When she died part of us died as well. She was more like a daughter than a daughter in law. RIP Maria.

Well lets see what else I can tell you about my life. I have a degree in computers and also in creative writing. I love to write children stories. I did work for a floral shoppe for many years and got certified in floral design as well. I am in two shops with some of my wares. I did do a large juried show for 15 years but due to illness had to give that up. It was an all year things. Making items for the show which was two weekends in October. Miss it but just couldn't do it anymore. I love gardening herbs and veggies and I love to decorate for the various holidays. Christmas is my favorite. Well I think I covered about everything but if I think of anything else I will add it on. So from me to you I send you many hugs from my home to yours. God bless us all and God bless America and everyone that is defending us to keep us safe.
I love my yorkies and also my two birds. coco is a cockatil and karl is a parakeet. check them both out.

They have their own room. I want to come back as a bird or dog after I die for they all have a great life in our household. LOL_____________________

This is how my home looks for the start of Fall. I will change it for the coming of Christmas. I love doing this and with my hubby's help we get it done, even though it takes us longer to do it now. LOL

This is a picture of our above garden we have up for different plantings. check it out.


will put more pictures of the garden soon. We have beautiful summer flowers now in the garden.