Hello everyone,
I am happy to announce that I am making my Sugar and Spice dolls again. They are hand-molder with air drying clay or paper mache'. I then paint them, decorate them with vintage lace and trims and flowers and ribbons. I make Santa dolls, snowmen, bunnies, deer, peeps and much more. They are around 6" tall and you would love to have them out all year long. I hope you like them. Any questions please get back to me and I will try to answer them the best I can.
                                                                     ITEM SS 100
                                                                    PRICE 55.00


This is another Sugar and Spice doll. She is quite unique in her own way. Size is about 6" tall and made with Styrofoam or paper mache' and trim with the same vintage laces, trims, ribbon and flowers.  I love making there because what comes out is always different the last one I made. I love that.


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THIS is another Sugar and Spice doll. Approx. size is 6" and is a hand-molded and painted and glitter. I used vintage laces or ribbons and different items to make this piece one of a kind. You will love them.
If you have any questions please email me for more info. Thank you for stopping by and have a good one.

                                                                         PRICE: 65.00


This picture of some of the sugar and spice dolls. Prices vary with what is one them. I use vintage ribbons and trims and lace. I usually make them around 5-6" tall. some on bases and some stand upright by themselves. Email me if you need more pictures or any information you might need. Thank You

                                                                         ITEM: SS103