Misc. can  be just about anything. I will be selling maybe books, new and used items. Wait and see what I come up with. Surprise, surprise, Surprise. Keep checking back still working on my seller blog. Have a good one

ITEM # 500-1

This a mohair bear which stands on all fours.Made by hand and is just adorable. He is about 8" tall and about 10 to 12" wide. He is wearing a blue check ribbon with little bells sewed on the ribbon. Can't say enough about this little creature. He has antique eyes, and the mohair is short hair. Any questions please get in touch with me and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.PRICE: 55.00 PLUS SHIPPING

           Item #200-1

This is a purse made by hand. It has two appliques of hearts on the front of the purse. It also has a pocket in the front of the purse and has long cords to wear over shoulders. Size is about12" by approx. 10" high. The purse is distressed to look old but newly made. The purse itself is like a ticking material.
Price: 19.99 plus shipping (SOLD) THANK YOU.


Item# 200-2

This purse is so unique. It is made out of wool material which is textured in a plaid look of black, purple with an applique of a Lamb with stars and green leaves. It has a black yarn handles which is long enough to go over shoulders. Size is approx. 15" by 12 across. Lined as well. Any questions please email me and I will be happy to answer them as well as I can.

                                                               PRICE: 22.00 PLUS SHIPPING


                    Item# 200-3

This purse is rather large and is a nice light brown with green trim and a button closure. The lighter color is a light beige with appliques of different shapes. It also has a green yarn cord for the handles which go over the shoulders. A real nice item.SOLD
                                                              PRICE: 14.99 PLUS SHIPPING


I love this purse. Made of felt wool color of black with off white hearts sewed onto the purse. Trim in off white as well. Has black yarn cord for shoulder length. Button closure. These purses are light weight but durable. I wear one all the time. Size is about 15 by 12". Another one of a kind made by me, JoAnne.


Item# 200-5

This is a small all wool pillow. It has a snowman and a twig tree sewed on. The snowman is off white wool trim with black thread. The tree is green with a gold star on the top and little red berries on the tips of the tree. Size is about 7" square. the back of the pillow has a plaid wool pattern of greens, browns,alittle burg.


This is a felted purse which I felted different leaves in green color. Has a circle in the middle with little sequins. These purses are so nice to wear over your shoulders for this purse I have long handles of felted wool . Size is about 10 by 9". The purse itself is made by factory but the designs are added to make the purse one of a kind. Any questions please email me and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


This is a little larger then the above purse. Check out the design of felted mohair. I put alot of sequins all around the design and up in front of the purse as well. The purse is factory made but I felted the design on the front of the purse .This is a shoulder bag as well. I love the black purses for you can use them with anything.



This is the cutest little purse for a child or someone that just wants to carry lipstick and a credit card. Plus your ID. It is Grey in color with a star burst of white stictching with gold, silver and white sequins all around the burst of a flower with a green leaves on the side of the burst. Stitched in white around the top with a button closure. Love this little beauty. It has yarn cord for the handle. Size is about 8 by 6". Any questions please ask. THIS PURSE HAS SOLD THANK YOU.

This is a wonderful made purse. The purse itself is factory made. I get the purses and felt designs onto the front of the purses. This has quite a few designs on this one. Around some designs I have sequins and also on the handle I sewed sequins as well. This is not a shoulder bag but one you carry by hand. Size is about 11 by 10 and has a zipper closure. You will love this one.


ITEM: 200-10
This is a factory made purse which is lined and has a zipper closure. I felted the front of the purse in this design. It is beige in color and has the design which is surrounded by sequins . It is about 9 by 6" and is a shoulder bag. I love small purses which can be carried on my shoulders which gives free hands.

Thank you for stopping by and don't forget any questions you may have please email me and I will be happy to answer them.

ITEM: 200-11
This purse is a very nicely made purse. The purse itself is from the factory but I felted the design on the front with Mohair . The flowers are all felted made flowers and I felted around them making different designs. The purse looks black but is a grey color. The flowers are green and blue and a darker green with different color centers. I put a few sequins around the circle on the top of the purse. It is a shoulder bag and also has a zipper closeure. Size is about 15" by 12". You won't be sorry with this purse, believe me.

ITEM: 200-12

This purse has so much character. It is a hand held  purse. Zipper closeure. This purse was made in a purse factory but I felted the front of the purse with designs  of my chooseing . I made a heart and surrounded it with sequins, very small ones but nicely looking.
It has reds, soft yellow and grey. The circles are blue, blue and black. It is a hand held purse. I love this kind of purse light to carry and looks very nice as well.




I just love this purse. I carry one very close to this one, myself. I find it much easier to have these very light shoulder or hand held purses a must in my closet. It is easy to carry and you still can put a lot of items into this purse, believe me. size is about 9" by 6 or 7" wide. Check out the designs on the purse which is surrounded by sequins as well. All of my purses are factory made felted by me with the designs. Any questions please email me and I will be happy to answer them as well as I can.